The Turtle Of Hilltop Lodge

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Jacob loves camping with his family. He enjoys fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. He’d love to swim in the lake too but he WON’T. Not with that pesky snapping turtle eyeing him.

But by building a cabin with his dad, step by step, Jacob discovers that EVERY problem has a solution- even when it comes to turtles.

Experience the joy of summer in this picture book adventure that celebrates a love of nature, family, and self reliance.

I based this story on my own adventures of building a cabin in the woods with my sons, Jacob, Jonah and Eli. The original small cabin has grown over the years but still remains a simple and peaceful family place. We love to swim, hike, canoe, kayak, fish, build fires, play games and enjoy the summer sunshine together.

Our cabin is off-grid, which means that it is not hooked up to any outside utilities. We use lake water for dishes and solar power to charge batteries for lights and cell phones. We have a propane stove to make meals and a wood stove for warmth. We use a composting toilet (which means the waste is turned into dirt over time).

We also have a resident snapping turtle that loves to appear just as swimmers are about to jump in the lake. The snapper never seems to hang around for long and luckily no one has ever been bitten, but just to be sure, my sons still do gigantic cannonballs before swimming in the lake!

I illustrated this book using cut paper figures and wooden models. The backgrounds are actual photographs that I took at my cabin in northern Ontario, Canada.

I hope this story encourages you to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends and maybe even build a cabin someday!