Abby Beech – Coming Soon!

“This is the best anti-bullying book we have seen for young kids” – Reading With Your Kids

“Neeb’s illustrations are imaginative, original and fun!” – Readers’ Favorite

SWOOSH! Abby Beech feels invincible in her cape and tights! She loves running around helping anyone in need. When Abby’s mother makes her start dressing like other girls, and the kids at her new school call her “Flabby Beach Ball”, Abby begins to feel powerless. Until one day when her heroic actions make her instantly popular and everything changes! Will Abby be happy or will she miss her old superhero ways? 

Meet lovable Abby as she learns to deal with body shaming and making healthy friendships in a story told with colourful dyed paper illustrations. Ages 6 and up. 

Watch the book trailer here:

Watch how I made the illustrations using dyed paper here:

I based this story on my observations as a classroom teacher. I helped many students develop strategies for dealing with bullying and making healthy friendships. I enjoyed illustrating Abby as plus-size main characters are not very common. I think all children deserve to be seen in the books they read.