I have had a few readers ask what the hieroglyphics in Pharaoh’s Arrow mean. Here are the meanings:

Dedication Page – “Pharaoh” & “arrow” (The hieroglyph for Pharaoh literally means “Great House”)

Page 2 – “lifetime” & “solitude” (I chose blue, which represents “rebirth” – a new life in the oasis)

Page 12 – “death” (I chose red, which represents “anger”)

Page 14 – “to weep” (I chose black, which represents “death”)

Page 16 – “soul” (I chose green, which represents “new life”)

Page 17 – “to travel” & “Memphis” (I chose some traditional colours here)

Page 23 – “vizier” (a vizier is a high official)

Page 28 – “to join, to unite” (I chose white, which represents “purity, completeness”)

Page 30 – “mother” & “eternity” & “life”

Source: Egyptian Hieroglyphics by Stephane Rossini ©1989 Dover Publications Inc.