Pharaoh’s Arrow

Award-winning picture book about Ancient Egypt

“Pharaoh’s Arrow” is available world-wide in paperback  through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon sells a Kindle ebook version. Vendors can purchase the book through Ingram Spark (ISBN 9781773700304).

As an elementary teacher, I could see the need for more historical fiction picture books, so I wrote and illustrated “Pharaoh’s Arrow”. I did months of research so that my book would include accurate information and could hopefully be used by teachers. The story also teaches about compassion, understanding, forgiveness and responsibility.

I am thrilled to be included on this list of best Egyptian picture books. Thank you!

I illustrated the book in two-dimensional Egyptian style. I wanted the illustrations to look like ancient tomb paintings had come to life to tell the story. I used pencil crayon to replicate Egyptian colours and then covered the drawings with a tempera paint wash to mimic papyrus. I also researched authentic hieroglyphics to reinforce the text. Click on “Hieroglyphics” in the menu on this page to learn what the hieroglyphics mean in the book.

“Pharaoh’s Arrow” tells the story of Akia, who lives with her father in an oasis. Akia is athletic and carefree until a family tragedy forces her to find and confront the Almighty Pharaoh for his supposed wrongdoings! See the book trailer here:

See the “Colouring Pages” and “Hieroglyphics” pages for more about “Pharaoh’s Arrow”. Learn how to add the papyrus effect to your Egyptian art here:

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The recommended age is 8 to 11 years, as the book addresses the themes of death and revenge. This book was published in August 2017 and received a 5 star rating from Readers’ Favorite website, stating the book was “gorgeously illustrated…compelling….and most highly recommended.”  Check out the full review here:

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