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I am entering the Spring Fling Kid Lit writing contest. My story must be 150 words or under and include a GIF.

Here is the GIF that I made from my illustrations.

My story is below!


By George Neeb (150 words)

Ryan crossed his arms and huffed. “Why do we have to go to a dumb museum during Spring Break?” 

“We’ll have fun!” said his dad. “Museums bring history to life!” 

His dad pointed at mummies. Ryan moaned. 

He pointed at statues. Ryan groaned. 

He even pointed to a room filled with ancient vases. Ryan shouted, “They’re all glued together!” 

“Not this one!” said his dad. The vase was decorated with drawings of Greek warriors. “This vase describes an epic battle…” 

“Blah, blah,” thought Ryan. He looked closely at the vase. A warrior turned and winked at him. Ryan’s eyes widened. His dad didn’t even notice. 

The warrior raised his sword! Ryan gasped.  

The warriors lunged into battle- 




Ryan stood like a statue- staring at the vase.  

“Are you ok?” asked his dad. 

Ryan blinked. “Wow! History is alive!” His eyes lit up. “What else can we see?” 

Thank you to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal for running this contest!

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