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Akia’s Adventure: The Sequel to Pharaoh’s Arrow is available now! Watch the book trailer here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hucCXpptahU

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Another review!

I’m so excited to receive my first review! 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest

“Flabby Abby Beach Ball addresses the stresses and strains children feel when they or others perceive them as being different. Abby is fine with her size and shape, but it bothers her that the other kids are so mean about it. I loved Abby’s strong sense of self and applauded as she stands up to be who she is — superhero costume and all. Neeb’s illustrations are imaginative, original and grand fun. Each one is boldly and brightly colored, and there’s a big surprise at the back of the book for any kids or adults who want to try their own hand at illustrating. Neeb provides a link to his site where they can find instructions and even an instructional video. He also shares his secrets for the dramatic and colorful backgrounds found in his pictures, and he simply describes the entire process for making an illustration. Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself is most highly recommended.”

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I’m the “Author of the Week” on RedCloverReader.com!


My table at Glenhyrst’s Family Arts Day!

A collection of some of my own illustrations from the #artvsartist on Instagram and Twitter