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I’m in the process of illustrating a sequel to “Pharaoh’s Arrow”. This time, Akia will have to deal with the jealous wife of Pharaoh and we learn more about how she got across the desert to reach Memphis in the original story. “Akia’s Adventure” will be released hopefully in the summer or fall.

I am very happy to announce that “Pharaoh’s Arrow” is now part of the Red Clover Reader Family at https://www.redcloverreader.com/
This digital library features diverse, value-based ebooks for thousands of readers, parents and educators. I hope “Pharaoh’s Arrow” is enjoyed by all of them!

I just received this wonderful review:
“If you’re shopping for a picture book, George Neeb’s Pharaoh’s Arrow should be high on your list of choices. This unique book is an experience like you haven’t seen before – a whole book written and illustrated in the style of ancient Egypt! Neeb took the time to paint all the pages by hand and tell us a story of revenge set in the times of a bygone era. He studied Egyptian art and it shows on every page. Every page is an individual work of art, bringing the artistic style of the Land of the pyramids into the modern format.” -Literary Titan
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I am now a member of AuthorBookings.com. This is something I look forward to doing to promote my books in the near future.


From the August issue of “Story Monsters Ink”