Flabby Abby Beach Ball

Kindle and paperback available now world wide at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indigo! Vendors can purchase the book through Ingram Spark (ISBN 978-0-2288-1335-4)

“Abby Beech loved dressing up in superhero style. With her mask, long cape, and tights, she always had a smile. “

Neeb’s illustrations are imaginative, original and grand fun!” – Readers’ Favorite

Abby Beech wants to be a superhero. She loves running around her neighbourhood in her cape and tights. But her mother would rather Abby act like other girls her age and the kids at Abby’s new school tease her for being different. Until one day when Abby’s heroic actions make her instantly popular and everything changes.

This book deals with self esteem, bullying, body shaming and healthy friendships. I was happy to receive some feedback from a teacher who emailed me to say, “It is a fantastic book…This book allowed us to have a successful classroom discussion around bullying and made the kids think about how they treat other people. It is a good reminder of the importance of accepting others for who they are.”

Sadly, I’ve had a few people take offence to the title and illustrations in my book. I’ve been told my depiction of Abby makes her a “fat joke”. This was never my intention and I think if you read the book, you will see that Abby is not meant to be a joke. She is a complex character who just happens to be a different size and shape than others. This is a reality in the world. There are overweight kids! Picture books need diverse characters that reflect the differences in people. But Abby is much more than her body shape and I hope the story shows this. I think all children should be represented in picture books!

The title of the story refers to the taunts Abby is called. I chose an insult as the title because although it may offend some it is also catchy! What I mean by that is kids can be clever…teasing can be clever. We’ve all laughed at a “fat joke” then thought after, “That was mean!” The title is meant to get kids attention by seeing a seemingly harmless and witty nickname but then to show them how hurtful name-calling can be. Perhaps readers will see their own actions and change them or a child who has been teased will read the book and relate and maybe learn some strategies to cope. Abby also addresses her nickname with her own brand of humour in the story in a plot twist! She shows her mean friends and readers that she has the inner strength to deal with their teasing! She isn’t a victim for long!

I created the illustrations using cut paper figures on top of dyed paper backgrounds! Watch the book trailer video here to and learn how to make the illustrations…

Youtube book trailer and “how to” video

Read the 5 Star review here from Readers’ Favorite: